Top Email Apps For Android 2020! (Android Mail App Comparison)


In this video, i discuss my pick for the best mail app on android, and compare the best options available in 2020.

Apps Covered:

Samsung Email: (scroll down to other versions to see apk downloads as the app is only available on Google play for Samsung devices)

Gmail App:

Yahoo Mail App:


AquaMail: (currently costs 29.99 based off their website but was closer to 5 or 10 when I paid)




Blue Mail:

Nine mail (Confirmed the free version is for 14 days then you can purchase a license for 15 USD)

Email by Edison :



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  1. Very thorough video! Do you have any videos on how to install iCloud email on the Samsung email app? I just switched to a Note20 ultra after years of having iPhones, but I can’t seem to find anything on that specific app. I’ve seen tutorials on the gmail app only.

  2. I have the Samsung galaxy S20 ultra and for what ever reason o can no longer get the Samsung Email app to let me set up my Gmail email. I used to be able to setup my Comcast email as well as my Gmail, but no longer.
    Any advice or recommendations.

  3. Did you really just make horizontal video where you put vertical phone screen sideways…
    Also, this review is lacking pics of how exactly you switch between accounts, and not mentioning anything about the security/privacy concerns (some apps in the list store your password remotely and read and analyse your email contents)

  4. Hey guys, thanks as always for watching!

    After some additional time working with these various apps, I have one follow-up comment. My overall favorite and daily used email app remains Samsung's email client, however, the Email app by Edison (see description) has come in a close second for personal use followed by Aqua Mail. After giving the app some time to sync further, the app actually did a good job of sorting my messages into useful categories. More importantly, it has been exceptionally fast and the UI is great to look at. Nine remains my favorite mail client for business use.

    To recap:
    #1: Samsung Email App – Best All Around Personal
    #2: Email by Edison – Great UI and speed for personal
    #3: Aqua Mail – Great Power User email App for Personal
    #1 (For Business) – Nine – Best Business email app.

    Make sure to read the description for links and additional information, including how to support the channel free!

    Thanks everyone!


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