Squarespace Tutorial [2020] SEO and Google Search Keywords


In this video, we are going more in-depth beyond basic edits and walking through HOW clients are finding you, organically, when searching in Google.

This answers questions on Google Squarespace Analytics, Setting Up Google Analytics or Adding Google Analytics.

The Google Search Keyword tool in your Analytics tab provides valuable insight into what your target customers are clicking in Google, what they are actually typing to make you appear in results AND insight on how to improve your SEO with keyword verbiage that customers are actually using.

Also, who wants to stare at a screen for hours trying to figure out what to blog about? This tool GIVES YOU content to write about, based on what people are already looking for answers for! How cool is that?

After watching this video, it will save you time in your business and allow you to make actionable changes TODAY!

Let us know the types of walkthroughs you want to see!

Stuck in your business? How can we serve you best? Email us here: hello@bloomwebsitedesign.com

Video Notes2:20 Google Search Keywords
2:55 Keywords, Blogs
3:08 Set Up
3:25 72 Hours to start getting data
3:50 Date Toggle Results
4:12 SEO + Web Saturation
4:23 Advice – Paid Traffic
5:03 Brick and Mortar Businesses
5:48 Metrics Explained
7:25 Dumbing down our expert language
9:30 Know Like Trust
9:43 Answer Everyday Questions
10:17 How Often to Check

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  1. This was a good video on how to use the info generated for searches for your site. However, I would guess the example you used would be for a brick and mortar store. Do you assign potential keywords or phrases to your site, or do they happen organically? My site is an e-commerce with no physical building.


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