Review: XIAOMI Mi Pad 4 4+64GB LTE w/ Global ROM (Eng)


XIAOMI Mi Pad 4 might be a little old, as it was presented form Xiaomi before a year, it is still very good, strong and fast. Comes with 4+64GB and the version I got supports and LTE, so you are not contained by WiFi. It has installed a Global ROM. The screen is 8″, with MIUI 9 OS.

You can get it from here:

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  1. Hi doc. I got Mi pad 4 too.. Mine is Chinese version Miui 10.3.2 .. Themes don't work on my pad.. impossible change even App Drawer grid (it is 4×5).. Does the theme app work on yours? can you download change themes on there. If you installed this rom yourself please share the link..

  2. watching your vid from my mi pad 4. overall this tablet is superb :). really satisfied with the performance of this gadget. with the mid budget (for me). perfect tab.

  3. Help. I have "Mi Pad 4" using Android 8 with a battery issue. In "Fast Boot Mode" I am able to operate the tablet for 12 hours from the battery. In normal Android operating mode the tablet must be attached to the charger or it immediately shuts off; rarely it takes up to 6 seconds to suddenly shut off (as if it takes a moment to notice the charger was detached). In normal Android operating mode the charge indicator does seem to correctly indicate the state of the battery's charge. I'm able to achieve various levels of battery discharge using "Fast Boot Mode" and check the battery level by turning off while letting the charger charge the battery a moment so that the screen will display the battery charge level.

    Why would Android want to prevent power-up from battery with a 100% charge OR turn off with a fully charged battery when the charger is removed? After all, the battery does operate the tablet for 12 hours in "fast boot mode".


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