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Hello in this quick tutorial to show you how to remove an image property from Google Images in Google search. Wait 3 days for pic to be removed.

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    For Instagram images that are taken by curator sites just simply set your Instagram to private for two weeks, and submit the URL of that site to Google. The images are just fed from your Instagram, so when you put it private those sites cannot show your images, hence is an outdated link to google.

    If someone else posted the image, you need to contact that person.
    There is a reply below here to someone else on how to deal with privacy
    and copyright content.

    If you are in Europe, there is Court of Justice of the European Union (C-131/12, 13 May 2014) which finds that certain people can ask search engines to remove specific results or queries that include their name.

    In the USA, you can contact the hosting provided by the company holding your content, but chances are there is a clause stipulating that once you hit upload, they own your content or that you agreed. If this is stolen content (images), know that the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) is a United States copyright law that implements two 1996 treaties of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

    Here are the appropriate steps that you may take to file a DMCA
    notice, should you determine that your copyrighted content has been used
    in an unauthorized manner.

    1. Determine which content has been stolen.

    2. Confirm the use of your material is not fair use.

    3. Attempt to contact the site owner to request the removal of your content.

    4. Determine if the site is hosted at (then you can request removal).

    5. Compose your formal notice and send it to the host.

    Checking this post. it provides information on how to retreat the companies hosting provider so you can contact their hosting company explaining and ask to enforce copyright infringement.
    Sample DMCA Take Down Letter – | Patents & Patent

    Of course, the last resource is getting a lawyer to revise their term of services and see if there is a way to remove content from their site. Also, you could request it publicly on twitter, and maybe that can work. Companies like to keep their brand reputation positive, and having unhappy users is not ideal.

  2. But the remove outdated content says it would only remove it "temporarily" which is I believe 90 days" as you can see in the message that pops up when you request the removal. How do you remove it permanently ? or does erasing it from the source and then using this tool removes it permanently ?

  3. Hiya any sort of reply would be amazing, I got the image removed from the source and then requested the removal from google but it wasn’t denied it was “expired” and the images are still there, please help x

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  5. Hey there, it’s says my images are removed however when I search it up it’s still there. There are no other sites that have the image up and the content is removed from their website. Please help

  6. Hi..can anyone help me out with instagram acc is insta s profile pic has been posted by someone in google search…i want to remove it..hw can i do tht!?

  7. Hello, I just requested deleting pics that are mines but not from my website. Website is gone for like 2 years, I really don’t understand why google showed again photos, 1 year it was not visible, until I googled my name I was shock. But when I enter photo it’s saying error 404 because that website doesn’t exist anymore, someone else took it and there is different contect. Thank you so much. Will it work if I subbmit removing even if it’s not my website?

  8. Photos from one website appeared again after a year( not my website but my photos) and when I click to the photo it’s shows error not found 404) The questions is why it’s still appears then? When I go to that website name it’s something different than a website it used to be??? help


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