Organize Google Keep without Folders


Unlike Evernote, Google Keep does not have notebooks or a folder structure. So how do you organize all your notes? Here are the 2 main methods of managing your notes in Keep.

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Scott Friesen is a productivity specialist and founder of Simpletivity training and consulting. He is also a prolific public speaker, workshop leader, and time management coach.

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  1. I also use Keep for brief, short term notes. I settled on Google Keep over Evernote & OneNote because it's simple and seemed less clicky than other programs. I like the fact that I can show multiple notes simultaneously and read the short notes without clicking on them. And I've had better luck syncing with Android than with OneNote. The Chrome browser extension works well on my Windows machine. Using the Keep desktop app on Windows rather than the browser app allows me to access my stuff offline.

    It could be better though. Here's the feedback I sent to Google on how to improve Keep:

    Add option to store/backup notes locally.
    Ability to Re-order Notes
    Ability to Re-order Label menu
    Voice recorder quits recording before I'm finished
    BACK/FWD buttons like on a web browser would be nice
    Undo button for any action
    Date stamp button

  2. It would be better if there ar were tree structure folders. Labels let the only one level of sorting. the Tree folders would let more levels to sort information. By using labels much information on one level, unfortshly

  3. In addition to not comparing note apps head to head because how we personally use them,
    It is even more so in how these note apps interact with other products – for example no need for folders when you can you link to tasks and calendar where as apple’s notes may need kore organization options. Good video!

  4. Hi. I’m learning a lot of things about productivity systems from your videos. They are quite helpful for me. Thank you. As you mention in this video I was also supposed to use Google Keep for storing quick memos. But now I have a lot of reference materials and It’s a little bit difficult to handle them only using Google Keep. However I don’t want to use too many apps to avoid wasting time to find them. How do you manage your reference materials? Which app do you recommend? I would appreciate if you could give me any advice. Finally I was hesitating to leave this comment here because my English is not good. Thank you for reading.

  5. Hello

    I'd Like To Know If I Put A Label On A Note, Why It Doesn't Put The Note Into The Label Folder Automatically. I Feel It Would Give You More Room To Put More On And Help You Organize It. If You Could Give Me Some Type Of Answer I Would Appreciate It.



  6. Hello,
    I'm Wondering In Google Keep Why Notes That Are Labeled Don't Go Into The Folder That You Have Named. I Know You Need A Name For The Folder But Some Don't Go Into The Folder I Have. I Was Also Wondering Maybe That Type Could Get Rid Of The Archive If Possible. Thanks Bob!

  7. I only use the colors to color the labels, maybe that's not the most sensible way. It drives me insane that I can't re-order the notes, though, and if I want to visually recognise the different labels, I have to use colors that way. I'm a bit lost as to how to correctly organise all the various pinned web articles I found interesting enough to pin, but they're too random and don't always pertain to my labels. I do like Keep better than Evernote because of its simplicity, but I would love it if Keep had some type of folders. The scroll wall drives me a bit insane.

  8. Google keep seems to be better for ad hoc "in-tray" type notes and memos, onenote is better for more in depth "reference" type notes and when you're working creatively. one note gives you a huge space and tons of freedom for moving things around and just making a collage of all kinds of information to work with.

  9. Scott, I would like your opinion, or anyone else's, on what I am doing.
    1. I am a Ms Word fan, using an self-developed, extended auto-correct file (I think over a thousand own entries) and 22 text editing macros (self-developed) without which I simply cannot do my work, which includes a lot of writing. I grew with Word for Dos 4 (1989!) to Word 2016! Gmail's auto text expander extensions helps in Gmail, but there is no comparison with what I have in Ms Word's autocorrect, macros and styles functionality.
    2. I think I should return to Microsoft's One Note, and maybe return to Outlook, and ignore its pesky popups asking for my username and password which drove me into the arms of Gmail, Google Calendar and Keep in the first place.
    3. I am an ardent user of Trello, without which I also cannot do my planning.
    4. I will go on using my Gmail Calendar until I figure out how to use Outlook Calendar to two-way sync to my Android mobile. Microsoft drove me crazy when I tried to add my mobile number to my Ms account, but I suppose there should be a way.
    Like you said, note taking is something personal!

  10. I use Keep for all of my research for writing academic papers. The key is to use labels at a category, topic and reference levels for the citation work and what information I'm gathering. For example if a paper I'm citing is from Johnson (2016) on Exoplanets, I would create my notes and use labels 'Astronomy', 'Exoplanet-Project' and '2016-Johnson'. Plus, I would create a separate note only for the reference with the same labels and one more – 'Exoplanet-References'. Then, once all of the research is done, I export the notes under 'Exoplanet-Project' to Google Docs in the Keep menu which combines them to a single document of notes then export 'Exoplanet-References' to another Google Doc of only references. Works really well for any written project.

  11. Keep is useless to me unless they come up with a sharable folder structure, or make labels sharable. It makes it so that it is only useful for personal use. For business, you cannot collaborate anything but individual notes.

  12. I use keep all the time, I just wish you could give the colours a label on the android app (like the chrome app) save me from wondering 'now whats the blue note for' lol

  13. I just Title each note, and make it a list. If you want to capture ideas 'Idea capture' or 'quotes' could be a list. After all, it's meant for reference, and to remind us of stuff we're meant to do. 🙂


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