Office 365 VS G Suite: Which One Is Right For Your Business?


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  1. I just ended the 365 trial due to complications with Domain configuration. I do like the desktop apps though for when I want to open a file on the desktop without being in chrome browser. There are options for more than one domain for MS office, I think up to 100 but G-Suite allows only one domain. The greatest advantage is the desktop apps for MS and ease of setup and admin for G-Suite. I have a Google domain and a Shopify store so I am going with G-Suite just for the email MS did call me after I purchased, which was surprising. It's hard to get a customer service person these days and he was calling from Connecticut. Thumbs up on MS customer service. Thanks for the video.

  2. Hello, I am looking at these two options (Office365 or GSuite) and I noticed that I may not be able to send emails from aliases on Office365. Is this the case or is there a way to do this? Also, can I send emails from my aliases from GSuite? Thanks!

  3. you lost me a G-suite being more mature and doing it longer than microsoft. Outside of Gmail, what exactly has google been doing longer. The google alternative to Office is unacceptable in most corporate settings & often times google docs wont even open for clients.

  4. I've been a Microsoft/Windows user for so long. Literally, I've been taught the use of Microsoft since I was a young kid at school. Only now, am I considering a Chromebook and G suite.

  5. 1) Users should never dictate the technology stack and policies. That should fall only on the IT team. That's what the IT team is for.
    2) Microsoft has been complicating office productivity and file sharing for decades. GSuite has solved virtually ALL the problems that have ever existed in that area, and have done so in a way in which practically anyone can learn the new workflow in a matter of days.
    3) These days the only thing that makes sense is unified web-based solutions. Microsoft is like an ancient dinosaur when it comes to this. Considering the lead time Microsoft had they should have completely dominated this web-based file-sharing/office productivity area but they haven't.
    4) If you take into consideration the google apps scripts then it's a complete 100% no-brainer decision. Anyone with beginner level javascript knowledge can create automated workflows and automated tasks that will completely destroy anything Microsoft can offer.

    My experience for the past 15 years has been mostly with MS products. It wasn't until about 3 years ago I started diving into GSuite. When a client asks me for MS related support I decline and tell them they shouldn't even be using that and recommend them to GSuite. I'm not a big google fan…matter of fact I don't even like google as a company. BUT when it comes to file sharing, office productivity, and email, it solves all the problems anyone I talk to has and it can be set up in literally a few hours for most small businesses. With MS you'll be lucky to make a successful implementation in a couple weeks and ongoing support will be MANDATORY. With GSuite once it's set up there is little to no maintenance.

  6. I watched this expecting to show a fair an reasonable balance… this was like watching a Google promotional video… throwing in a few references to appease.

    Office 365 scales better and is better at enterprise level. Scaling Google to the same levels and you will find issues.

    Once we have finished lighting specially scented candles for Google, maybe we could get an actual comparison.

    Teams is for professionals & Hangouts is for kids and teens.
    SharePoint is far superior to sites.
    Photos by google is great so this is a plus.
    Google has the best spam prevention
    Office has the best overall security features and addons
    Microsoft has the best tech community and has much more options available through Powershell than simply relying on buttons and UI
    Onedrive sync is one of the best doc sync clients out there.
    Skype/Teams is the best calling VoIP system out of the 2 although there are better systems on the market outside of these
    Azure Active Directory and AD Connect are amazing solutions but the fact you can manage devices/users and everything in one admin centre… much better than google offerings.

    Let’s not forget how well the synergy works between Office 365 and Windows when they are connected.

    Oh yes and what has google got to better Intune? They don’t.

    Finally, Office 365 has the best Support.

  7. Started with Microsoft, then went to Google for a couple years, finally back to Microsoft probably indefinitely. Three things you don't mention:
    1. Microsoft support is WAAAAY better than Google. We actually get a same-day response, can talk to a real person if it's an emergency, and they proactively follow-up with you until the issue is solved. Google you get stuck with web support and emails, but the lag makes you feel like they are on another planet.
    2. Microsoft integration with Active Directory (both on-premise and Azure), Sharepoint are both huge features for many businesses that Google has no compelling alternative to IMO.
    3. Google has all those 3rd-party app integrations, which is very nice if you need it. Microsoft has some too, but there is more with Google.

  8. G Suite cannot perform a fraction of the productivity and the security that Microsoft 365 can. There is no opinion on this or gray area of what I am saying. Turn your phones off and close the door. Watch this video uninterrupted from front to back and you will learn exactly of what I am saying:

    This video should be called "Why you should not use Outlook" not "Office 365 VS G Suite." If the big concern is support for "Outlook Email Client" then just use the Outlook Email Web Client.

  9. Great overview Tom. While we fall into 90% O365 we aren't opposed to Gmail if the customer wants to stick with the web interface.
    I would like to know if you use the GSuite reseller model we have had a hell of a time getting Google to provide guidance for making that our true second offering.

  10. I really hate Outlook.

    I have around 30-40 users on Outlook, on average I spend 6-40+ hours a month just repairing and recovering PSTs. I have the other half of users I have on Thunderbird instead since they did not demand Outlook, I would be surprised if support time for TB is more than a few hours a year in total.

    The magic number for the new PST format is around 15GB for it to implode.

    I think Thunderbird ends up having some issues when a single level of a folder has >300k messages. There doesn't seem to be any practical limits on total data size, I've used Thunderbird to handle emails during discovery (the legal sort) and had >300GB of messages all in local storage.

  11. Msft APT is only $2/m/u. Business Premium spam protection is really, really good. You don't need proofpoint or others. It's a waste of $. You can't protect the stupidity of your users.

  12. I use both, but GSuite will not let you send an email to a group of over 100 recipients when using local installed Microsoft Outlook. While I see some advantage to web apps on occasion the user interfaces aren’t as mature and customizable as installed version. 95% of my including Macs use some version of Office.

  13. We have customers on both as well. Google has a really interesting value proposition, its cheap, cheerful and easy to configure. Microsoft is more powerful, more expensive, but requires proper configuration to make it sing. The spam filter for example needs to be configured in Office 365, where the gmail's seems to work without a tech having to do anything.

    If the customer choses gsuite, but still wants to use windows, how do you manage authentication? do you roll out an on-prem AD? do you spin up Azure AD? If a client wants office licensing, do you go buy it off the shelf using a perpetual license?

    I think the true gsuite value prop is the chromebook, andriod solution. It's simple, secure and cheap. Microsoft have a similar solution with Windows, Intune and Andriod/iphone, albeit at a higher cost.

    I'd like to see more content like this, particularly in depth uses of gsuite and how you guys manage it.

  14. Two questions
    1- What are you using for 365 antispam and why that brand/company
    2- What do you do in terms of archiving old email accounts on gsuite. On 365 you can setup a shared mailbox and still have access to the mail for any user you desire without paying for a license. What is googles options with this.

  15. Enjoyed the video Tom. Use O365 with Mimecast at work and G Suite's $6/m for my personal email (firstname@lastname.tld). Each has their own pros and cons, although lately I feel like Microsoft has been making some big improvements, especially Teams.

  16. I've worked for a company that had G-suite and multiple Chromebox's deployed on a production floor. Every bit of the workflow was through google sheets. Now, working for an MSP, we push 100% microsoft. We also have custom rules that have to be be maintained with every new users added, anti phishing, etc. One big seller for Microsoft in enterprise environments is Azuresync. Microsoft has always been complete sh!t at catching spam.

  17. I consult with a lot of companies. One of them is a fortune 10 and went to GSuite two years ago. Horrible product for a work environment compared to everything I’ve seen from Office 365. We decided to use Office 365 for our business and seeing GSuite in action, I’m very happy with our choice.

  18. I work in the financial sector, and a lot of accounting packages produce their reports in Excel or Word, so GSuite or the web version of Office 365 is not an option for us.

  19. At the end of each video, you thank us for watching to the end. That's funny, you just provided us with highly valuable insights and experience for free and you thank us for taking it?!… We should be thanking you, not the other way around. THANK YOU for saving me invaluable hours of research and avoiding mistakes and time consuming fixes. By the way, I use GSuite for my small business and prefer it due to the ease of creating business apps and finding resources for coding. The integration is fabulous and we do not do business through email. No attachments duplication, confusion due to multiple version of a document. All is central and I interlinked, communications and notifications come from one source to the user. Simple, efficient. Thanks again, take care.

  20. Tom one thing my user just notified me of is a need to print a PowerPoint file with notes and Office 365 (from the web browser) can’t do it or if it can it’s hidden.

    What are your thoughts lastly on delivering a desktop install of office but via RDSH / remote app?

  21. g suites for free here (education). The office stuff isn't bad at all, and is more than enough for most users, and unless a new user has a valid argument as to why they need Microsoft Office over it, we tell them that that's what they get. The email is super easy to use and sync with AD, too. At least once you get it up and running. I find myself reaching for Excel and Word for a lot of stuff, though. Until Google Sheets improves their find/replace tool (I need wildcards, google) I can't make the full switch. And formatting and layout with word, while easy to be more complicated, is superior once you've learned it's quirks.

  22. Take a look at exhange online, it has pretty neat spam and malware filtering control. Google spam can be pretty anoying for smaller 'private' servers even if they're not blacklisted and all records are good. You need only need 365 business or up and it's included.

  23. I really enjoyed this video. We've been a Microsoft shop for many years, and I always discounted G-Suite as a "lesser than" option. But what struck me most is your comment about the hidden costs of extra spam protection… that is very relevant!


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