Keyword Research With Google's Keyword Planner – Keyword Results In Seconds!


Keyword research is absolutely key for a successful content marketing strategy… Google has made changes to this too, so I’ve put out an updated video with the new keyword research tool I use, here:

If you want to follow along with this video, here is the keyword research tool using Google’s Keyword Planner.

New for 2018 – Keyword Research 2.0 video now live here: You will learn how to create your master keyword list in this one!

For an expanded look at keyword and niche research for building a successful online business, read this incredibly detailed three post series about how to make money online:

This tool is one you MUST get comfortable using and you must habituate referencing before every post or video you publish.

Your goal is to find out what people are searching for so you can create content focused on that idea….

Additionally you want to use keywords in the titles, tags, keywords section of the posts/videos you create.

When you create your content focused on answering the questions people have, you have a high likelihood of establishing yourself as a ‘trusted advisor’ in their minds.

How do you know what questions they have? The Google Keyword Planner, of course!

People don’t ask friends or family members about how to solve their biggest problems… People turn to Google.

They will search about things that embarrass them, things that keep them up at night, they will research their fears and they will search for ideas on how to achieve their goals and dreams.

Google allows you to see how many times different phrases are searched and also suggests similar search phrases for you, so you can learn if the phrase you thought they would search has the highest volume of searches, or if another phrase does.

Then, you take this information and these insights into mind when you are creating your posts, videos, ebooks, squeeze pages, titles, descriptions and more…

One important note here… When you are titling your posts and creating your content you want to use these phrases sparingly. If you ‘stuff’ too many keywords into your title and copy, you can actually offend Google and hurt your rankings.

Generally I try to merge keyword phrases, like I explained in the video to make sure they are unique and highly relevant to my content.

Google is smart… They ‘know’ what your content is about, so only use the most relevant keywords because Google rewards relevancy with higher rankings!

Enjoy this lesson and be sure to take the free keyword research tool for a spin. It can revolutionize your efforts!

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  1. Hey Miles, thanks for this great tuto! What site do you recommend for a search with more than 10 Keywords at the same time? This can no longer be done in Google Keyword Planner :/

  2. Miles, does this video apply only to getting lots of relevant traffic, while a different keyword tool method might be employed to get NICHE traffic with far less traffic numbers?

  3. Brilliant videos, I've been watching them solidly for a week. Thank you. Have you updated the keyword search video on AdWords? It has a new interface and shows very broad search results parameters which I don't find as helpful as Keyword Finder.

  4. Anastasia Mac Boudoir Photography · Edit

    hello Miles. question – if key word planner gives key words with no bidding score — but it shows that a lot of people are searching this particular keyword – do u recommend to use it and bid on it? I am asking because i chose this keyword "How To Look Pretty" created a landing page around it, started the adwords campaign, but i have 0 clicks, and in ad preview and diagnosis it says "Your ad is not showing" with a warning sign. I checked my campaign, everything is approved and enabled. very strange

  5. Hi Mr. @Miles Beckler ! Firstly, I want to say that you produce awesome content. I came across your Youtube channel some time ago and I really appreciate the in depth explanations that you give.

    I have a YouTube Channel where I teach how to speak Mandarin Chinese and I need help learning how to do Online Market Research.

    Recently I read your blogs: "The World's Best Market Research Tools, Make Money Online Step 1 of 3, YouTube in 9 simple steps." I also saw your videos "How to Choose Your Niche Part 1 and 2." Now my understanding of doing online market research means that you:

    1. Choose a general niche market (Example, “Learn Chinese”)

    2. Determine a more narrow niche (Example, “How to speak Chinese”)

    3. View the trend of the niche on Google Trends

    4. Discover niche’s profitablity by using keywords on Google
    (Example: “How to speak Chinese” – 1-3 ads appears on Google)

    5. On Google Keyword Planner find keywords that have search volumes close to 10K and high bids prices (Example: How to speak Chinese – 1K-10K/ $2.08 bid)

    6. Use the core keyword and relevant keywords in my content (Titles, Sub-Titles, Descriptions, etc.)

    As I watched this video, I got confused how you combined the 30 Challenge keyword with the Youtube keyword, even though the 30 Challenge keyword leaned more towards the idea of weight loss.

    But in summary, I feel that I still do not have a complete understanding of the steps that I need to follow to properly perform Market Research. It is my understanding also that at some point that Market Research is supposed to help me create a customer avatar. Do you have a series of blogs or videos that explains chronologically everything ones need to know to perform great Market Research? I am a very thorough learner and I would greatly appreciate your help.


  6. hi, i liked ur video. when you use all these important keyword phrases in your description , will you use a hashtag in front of every keyword? the same question when u use these phrases as title for youtube, do u put hashtages in front of each phrase in youtube title?

  7. hi Miles I got question for you. when im doing my search in the google keyword planner in the average monthly search I got bewtween number like exemple : between( 1 and 10k ) . How come you got a specific number like 8100 search for 90 day challenge?

  8. Been working my way through your videos – they are awesome. Trying to use as many of your tips for our online counselling service (mental health). Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge

  9. Thanks. I should have watched all these SEO videos before starting the challenge. Heads up you have a sort of blooper real in the first 15 seconds of this video where you started over. In case you want to cut that out….

  10. Hi Miles. my apologies if you cover this somewhere else (I'm starting at the bottom of your video list). Has your strategy changed following Google removing accurate search volume data from the results? The bands they are using now are very broad making it difficult to differentiate between many search terms.


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