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Hi there, from time to time, people ask me whether Youtube is banned in China, and are Chinese allowed to use Youtube. Let’s talk about it today.

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  1. [This is my opinion]

    I dont have a probleme if chinese people use vpn to watch yt or social media, but when for example a anti chinese goverment video or something bad for the ccp comes up in yt. Then some people lose ther sh*t and comment stupid pro chinese things or harrasing other people outside china. When ur pro ccp than dont use vpn and go to ur own sites ffs

  2. Great Video! I follow many Chinese YouTube channels from Xian showing historical places. You gave a really excellent explanation of what is going on. Thank you!🙂👍

  3. Thank your for all information, your English is very clear.
    Really appreciate your information on Liziqi, a wonderful woman that my families & friends in western countries really want to know about her.

    We love her lifestyle & her effort to create a better living. Also, she shows gratitude toward her grandmother which nowadays, it’s hard to find this practice.

  4. 中华人民共和国计算机信息网络国际联网管理暂行规定
    第六条 计算机信息网络直接进行国际联网,必须使用邮电部国家公用电信网提供的国际出入口信道。任何单位和个人不得自行建立或者使用其他信道进行国际联网。
    So it's actually illegal to use a VPN, and there is news about people being called to the police station for it

  5. Thanks for your an Indian I've always imagined that digital life in China will be suffocating..but now I guess western media sometimes over exaggerate long as you don't speak up against govt you should be pretty safe I guess


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