Inbox Zero Tutorial (Step-by-step Instructions)


Contrary to popular belief, the inbox zero method doesn’t mean you have to drastically change the way you approach email. In this video I go through an inbox zero tutorial where I show you step-by-step instructions on how to set up and use inbox zero for yourself.

Whether you’re using gmail, outlook, or yahoo mail, you’re able to apply the concepts of inbox zero and increase your email productivity. The inbox zero method basically helps you organize your gmail inbox in a clean, structured way that not only lets you achieve zero emails but also helps you prioritize the truly important emails.

Through a combination of archiving, multiple inboxes, and gmail filters, we’ll be able to sort through emails in a simple and easy manner thanks to inbox zero

00:00 Intro
00:54 Why I adopted Inbox Zero
02:26 Inbox Zero Setup Instructions
04:48 Example Inbox Zero Workflow
08:05 Color-code Labels
09:09 How to use “Waiting” Label
11:50 Bonus tip – Calendar Filter
12:50 How to Apply to Your Own Inbox
13:25 Difference between “Archive” and “Delete”

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