How to Use Gmail Filters and Labels (Tutorial)


Using filters and labels in Gmail is a great way to reduce email in your inbox. By creating custom filters, you can have messages avoid your inbox altogether and …

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  1. gmail have to update options for filters.. no job been done from the last 7 years till now…at least to able to block emails with Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit+, Base64, servers … wont happen soon at all

  2. I love your voice on this. Just out of curiosity do you always speak like this or is this your "YouTube voice"? 😛 But seriously I found a lot of value in your video – I've been having issues with Filters not being applied immediately and this was presented very clearly. Thanks for this.

  3. Absolutely brilliant tutorial in its simplicity. Goes at a steady space so is easy to follow, and having real world examples for the filters and labels made it easier to remember.

  4. Thank You Scott! I was facing a problem while applying filter for putting all mails received from different banks where I have account under one label. I tried creating filter using exact mail ID's from where I am receiving mails but after creating label neither mails go away from main inbox page nor they are showing up under this label?? There are many such mails which are unread, still it doesn't show even a single mail when I add multiple mail ID's for one label and these ID's are not being displayed in drop down also while creating filter though I spell them exactly? Kindly help me.

  5. That was brilliant! I came here to find out what Updates are, but you just answered all the questions this former Thunderbird fan and frustrated Outlook user was asking, and now I suddenly believe I've been a bit too creative all my life in regard to organizing systems. Can you recommend a book that teaches design for systems in general–closets, files, programs, menu planning–that teaches how to think about organizing different kinds of materials?

  6. I have been wanting to know if this was even possible. Friends and family do not have a clue. So, I decided to sit down and take some time to find out (finally). I'm so glad I came to this video first (I have 9 more in the cue). Thirteen minutes later, instead of the hours I thought it would take and I'm off and running. And now, I gotta go. It's been three years of neglect. So you can imagine the work ahead! By the way, great narrative voice. Also, thank you so much!


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