How To Setup Google Domains Email Forwarding (email alias tutorial)


Learn how to create an email alias address that forwards your Google Domain’s email to your personal inbox (in this case, Gmail). Not only will you be able to receive email to an address with your custom domain (i.e., but you’ll also be able to send mail from that address as well. Best of all, this is free for up to 100 email aliases!

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  1. I've a message from google that my google workspace is not valid, do I need to have google workspace to have this free email as well? If not, can you advise how to make it possible like you shown? Thank you

  2. Hi there – nicely explained, succinct, practical 🙂

    I've been searching for a way to use Workspace for –

    – Various Tld websites (google sites fine by me) AND an email address for each under the Tld (only one needed).

    But it seems gWorkspace doesn't allow it –

    – Doesn't allow gSites to be published under different Tld to the account,

    – and separate user accounts for each specific email address (at full cost but only needed for email address!)

    If you could offer any suggestions? Wannabe entrepreneurs with sapling ideas need this badly….!

  3. This was very informing!! I appreciate all the step by step information. One question, Can you use the same alias for different people? There are 2 admin assistance in our office and both of us collaborate with the admin account. Could I use these steps for both of us or in a group setting?

  4. Hellos Tony, I try it so many times and they don't send any email confirmation. I see that work for you and other people. May google/gmail change ? Can you help me please

  5. For email forwarding, it possible to forward my alias email ( to my existing recipient email ( or the recipient email must be in ?


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