How to Make Money from Home Using Google Maps – Chad Kimball


To get the free software I mention in the video:


How much does Chad Kimball’s training cost?

How much does the Chad kimball’s course cost?

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  1. Chad, everytime I read an email from you or watch a video, there is so much value attached to it! Mind blowing. Most ad agency courses that I am familiar with, are teaching heavy investment into website/funnel platforms with expensive, complicated CRM tools built in. This is great if you are building an ad agency kingdom, not so great for many who are in startup phase who lack hundreds of dollars each month to pay for softwares and platforms. The old saying is very much true, it does take money, to make money, but, within reason. I like your approach. Very basic, logical, lots of free resources, to the point, cut and dry. Many people fail out of ad agency businesses, trying to afford expensive tools right from the start. Myself, I am old school, I can easily afford all of the expensive, cool tools, but, I feel like it is overkill. Your approach feels like a more personal, more high touch "meat and potatoes" approach, to me, much more relatable. I just want to thank you for sharing all of this. It's also pretty cool that your daughter does it too. Very brilliant proof of concept!

  2. What does it cost to do this? I'm a widowed single mom of 2 and stuck in a rut in life and saw this and want to maybe try it but money is tight…so what does it cost to start making money? Anyone please?

  3. How many fakers selling make money on google maps?

  4. Chad, I am a UI front-end developer and a bit burned out from the CorpAmerica grind.
    Your lessons are VERY interesting to me. I am on the verge of calling. LinkedIn connect sent. m/

  5. God, is this another one of those predatory SEO agreements that lock clients into 12 months? Holy shit, does this crap ever stop? Also, I forgot to put in target brand new dentists/doctors…..

  6. Chad, anyone. I've used the software to derive details about a company on the first page of Google listings and none of them have citations. So waht's the point of selling them this service when they are ranking on the first page without them?


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