How to Embed Custom Code (a Google Map) – Anima for Figma


In this video series, you will learn how to create High-Fidelity Prototypes and websites directly from Figma using Anima. No code needed.

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These tutorials will cover:
– How to Publish a website directly from Figma using Anima.
– Creating links with Anima and Figma’s native Click interactions
– Creating Breakpoints to make your design can fit and look great on mobile, tablet, and desktop devices
– Creating Forms and real Text Input with validation (email address, number, password, required field)
– Add Videos, GIFs, Lottie animation files to your design
– Embed Code such as a Google Map, a Chatbot, Analytics, or custom code
– Adding Hover effects and Entrance Animation that triggers on scroll

With Anima, designers can create High-Fidelity Prototype and websites right inside Adobe XD, Sketch, and Figma

Collaborating with High-Fidelity Prototypes helps designers to deliver real experiences, and build consensus across their team and organization.

Anima also converts Adobe XD, Sketch, and Figma designs to HTML/CSS websites. Designers can host websites with Anima Cloud, or download the HTML/CSS code and self-host.

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  1. the tutorial is great, however, it could have been useful to mention that "anima" needs to be downloaded from the plug in section… would have save me lots of time 😀


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