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Welcome to IT & Iced Tea video tutorial how to chat in Gmail. The video reviews the basics that is essential navigate through your gmail account and chatting. Chatting in Gmail seems simple and it is once you learn how. How to chat on google. Chatting in Gmail is a very fun way to communicate online. This video on how to chat in gmail will get you started in the right direction.

How to chat in gmail Dialogue:
Hello there! My name is the Southern Gentleman and this is IT and Iced Tea. Now today, we are going to talk to you about how to chat in gmail. Chatting in gmail is a very convenient way to communicate with your friends, your business associates, or whomever you want to talk to. First you want to open up your favorite internet browser and type in and hit enter and that should take you to the gmail sign in page where you will need to type in your user name and password and click the sign in button. For demonstration purposes I am going to use my friend name Dan Yankee. Once you are signed in you need to go to the text box Search People and type in your friends email address and in the side bar options click “invite to chat” and that will send your friend an invitation to chat with you. In your friend’s email account they will see the invitation from you and ask if it would be okay to chat with you and they would just click the gray yes button and you will be ready to chat. Once the invitation has been accepted, you will see your friend in the chat list and if they are online you will see a green dot next to their name if they are online and you can start chat chat chatting away! Now there are three different status’ in gmail chat. The green dot is online and available to chat, red dot means they are busy or not online and don’t want to talk, and the yellow dot means that they are idle which means they are not online or away from their computer. Even if the person is not online, you can still chat with them, but you will just be waiting for their response until they get online and message you back. Thanks for watching this IT and Iced Tea video on how to chat in gmail and Look out for more IT and Iced Tea videos and if you would like us to cover a topic you have a question about please feel free and let us know and pretty please click the subscribe button to subscribe to our youtube channel. Y’all have yourself a good one!

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