Google Play services 7.8 (100 Days of Google Dev)


Google Play Services 7.8 is here, and it brings two new shining APIs to help you BUILD BETTER APPS! Join +MagnusHyttsten ( and discover how the Nearby Messages API and the Vision API can be used to create new types of apps.

For more information please see the blogpost here –

100 Days of Google Dev / 100 developer videos over 100 days / #GoogleDev100

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  1. This could actually be really cool..especially the beacons. Like if you set one up at a restaurant and it would alert you about coupons, or the nutrition info of the food, or any information you wanted. it could also work in malls, or any shopping complex really.. and i heard rumors but havent seen it in any apps, but using the nearby api to host and play local games would be amazing, especially if you could add chromecast support.

  2. Alejandro Rodriguez Mann · Edit

    there is no @***** Services if @Magnus Hyttsten doesnt do a video about it! I was starting to think there wasnt going to be one, but now I am happy! Great job BTW!! Keep on doing videos 😀

  3. I am not sure what is so exciting about this. OEMs have been doing it for years. This would have been impressive if it was recognizing people, connecting them with contacts, tagging the faces automagically locally or in Google Photos and offering to share them through social media with the groups of people within the 'story'. That would have been intelligent.

  4. Nearby Messages introduces a cross-platform API to find and communicate with mobile devices and beacons, based on proximity. Nearby uses a combination of Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and an ultrasonic audio modem to connect devices. And it works across Android and iOS.

    The Face API allows developers to find human faces in images and video.
    It’s faster, more accurate and provides more information than the Android FaceDetector.Face API.

    The Barcode API allows apps to recognize barcodes in real-time, on device, in any orientation. It supports a range of barcodes and can detect multiple barcodes at once.

    Google Cloud Messaging – Google’s simple and reliable messaging service – has expanded notification to support localization for Android. When composing the notification from the server, set the appropriate body_loc_key, body_loc_args, title_loc_key, and title_loc_args.

    GCM will handle displaying the notification based on current device locale, which saves you having to figure out which messages to display on which devices!

    You can get started developing today by downloading the Google Play services SDK from the Android SDK Manager.


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