Google Nexus 7 Tablet: Unboxing & Review


Unboxing and Review of the Asus Google Nexus 7″ tablet running Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean).

$199 or $249


CPU: 1.3GHZ Quad Core Tegra 3
GPU: 12-Core
Storage: 8GB/16GB
Display: LCD IPS 1280×800 (216 PPI)
Battery: 4325 mAh Li-Ion
Camera: Front Facing Only 1.2MP
Other: NFC, Accelerometer, Magnetometer, GPS

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  1. I have this tablet when I was little it hit the floor but not anything crazy I only have three little cracks every time I charge it it flashes and it doesn’t turn on

  2. Great tablet🌠🌠>JustU.Faith/NexusTab?逮 Nothing will ever beat the Nexus line! This came in near mint condition. There was some electrical tape on the charging cord, but I go through chargers faster than a Nascar race, so I get that. Tablet has no scratches, and arrived fully charged. Very happy.

  3. If I were looking for a tablet in 2012, this would probably have been my first pick. For one, I dislike iOS with a passion and I love Android. Also, this tablet was far cleaner and more affordable than other 'good' Android tablets of that year. I like the design of it and it had a nice screen for the time, besting the iPad Mini and iPad 2. However, I would have quickly purchased the 2013 model when it came out as software updates quickly slowed down the tablet permanently from 4.3 and newer. This actually was my first tablet, I still have it, and I have great memories with it.

  4. Fun fact: the OS doesn't actually know where you're located if you don't have a SIM installed and will always default the language to English (US). Me being a proper Aussie will always change it to English UK because that makes total sense.

  5. man google apps where much lighter back in the days. they are so heavy right now. But one question you said that you can play music through the cloud on play music. is that feature removed or something?


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