Google Maps AR First Look: Helping you navigate the city


Google Maps new “Global Localization” is a form of augmented reality that combines street view data with GPS position and your phone’s camera to determine …

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  1. "hey please help me I need to get to this place "
    "Ok go straight and turn right"

    Look it's that simple and people used to do that it always works plus you get to talk to someone instead of just staring at your slate

  2. The wrong-direction problem has actually nothing to do with weak GPS. It's all about magnetic intereference in cities which absolutely destroys the data for the compass.

  3. the "creep factor" should have been noted here. Holding the phone up and panning around in a city, around people, is invasive, and some might let you know that. A lens on the top bezel could alleviate.

  4. I just got this beta feature on my phone because I'm a top Google maps local guide or something. It says it's confidential, and not to share it on social media, but it's already been shared like right here, lol. Maybe they just don't want it to be all over social media


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