Google Local Service Ads – Is It A Waste Of Your Money? (Google Guarantee Review 2020)


Hello, All HVAC and Home Service Businesses.

Today we are talking about

✅What is Google Local Service Ads?
Also known as…
✅Local Service Ads or
✅Google Guarantees Ads

Today we are going to talk about the new type of ad from Google made specifically for the Home Service Industry.

We are going to discuss :
1. What are these Google Local Service Ads you keep hearing about?
2. What is the cost of Google local service ads?
3. What industries qualify for Google local services?
4. What is this almighty Google GUARANTEE ✅…
5. How do the local service ads work?
6. Whether or not you should spend your money on them?

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Here is a list of current industries that qualify for Google Guarantee.✅

United States🇺🇸
Appliance repair services
Carpet cleaning services
Cleaning services
Estate lawyer services
Financial planning services
Garage door services
HVAC (heating or air conditioning) Personal Favourite**
Immigration lawyer services
Lawn care services
Pest control services
Real estate services
Water damage services,
Window cleaning services

HVAC (heating or air conditioning)

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  1. Google guaranteed will cost you $400.00 dollars a month plus $30.00 a lead so that means you have make customers pay extra not good for small businesses . I see this as modern day extortion. Not good for business period .

  2. 9:44 – I don't think is 100% worth your time yet, learn it, test it very quick but come on guys, let's be honest. If you are a Google Adwords expert and you compare this new shinny sh*t (pardon mon french) with adwords, the control you have with this Local Ad is a mere nothing, zero, nada, you pretty much are doing these ads by faith, full blind-full

  3. Hey I just saw my company in your video hehehe. I noticed that I havent been getting as many calls as before when i started. My reviews are really good . I noticed a big drop. Not sure if covid-19 is effecting the drop in calls or is it because more competitors have signed up on the local services . Plesse let me know what you think. And also do you think traditional google ads are going to be less effective since google garaunteed is on the top now?


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