Google Keep Tutorial for Beginners | Getting started + FREE HEADERS!


Hi everyone! In this Google Keep tutorial I am going to teach you some simple Google keep tips and tricks to get you started in no time. Google keep helps you improve your productivity at home, at school, at work, etc. because it links all of your Google accounts directly to the Google keep notes and checklists. It helps you be more productive because you have access to ALL of your TO DO lists in one same place and with access from ANY device! It is just a no brainer!

Although I love using my teacher planner, as a secondary school teacher, I find it difficult sometimes to carry my very heavy teacher planner around the school, so I very much enjoy using Google Keep to help me stay on top of all my tasks from my phone and my iPad. Wether you are a Kindergarten, elementary, middle or high school teacher I believe this productivity app can save you so much precious time. I even put my groceries list on Google Keep!

Hopefully with this tutorial I can help you get all of your google keep notes and labels ready and also looking cute and fresh!



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  1. Love these headers. Thanks for sharing! FYI: my one issue with archiving is you can’t see/search archived keep notes in the sidebar on Gmail and Google Docs. 🙁

  2. So organized I Love It, but I need a notes app where there is more function. I need to add tables, notes and checklist on one note and Keep does not allow that. Great video by the way

  3. Thanks Patricia, I clicked your link to get the Headers but I kept getting an error. Am I not getting the address right? I clicked on the link below the video, I'm perplexed.
    This is the link I followed: is that correct? I have tried it a number of times but I just get an URL error message, frustrating! Can you help please?


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