Google Ads Course | Keyword Planner Tutorial & Budget Forecasting for Google Ads campaign | Lesson 9


Google Ads Course – Google Keyword Planner Tutorial & Budget Forecasting for Google Ads campaigns. In this video, Prashanth Reniguntala explains how to choose keywords and estimated a budget in great detail.

Measure Marketer (Formerly Make Marketer) – India’s First Marketing & Measurement Bootcamp. 99% of digital marketers don’t measure at all and even if they do they do it all wrong. We aim to teach the actual digital marketing & measurement skills that make you a real measure marketer. You don’t become a digital marketer just by attending an institute/course and learn the basics of campaign creation.

To be successful with Facebook ads, you need to understand the advanced pixel implementation and custom events to train Facebook to deliver the results you want. Teach Facebook to work for you.

Learn HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and redefine the way marketing is done and measured. You must implement advanced eCommerce strategies by working live on a big eCommerce website.

Measure Marketer (Formerly Make Marketer) is also a badged Google Partner Agency managing huge ad spends.

Join our Marketing & Measurement Bootcamp to Learn measurement Skills like 10+ years of experience. It’s the most high-end digital marketing program in the country.

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Program Fee = INR 72,000/-
For more information, call or WhatsApp: +91 99486 34516

65 Days | 36+ Modules | 7-8 Hrs Each Day | 450+ Hours

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