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In this video I will discuss a new method by which you can use online satellite image overlay in AutoCAD directly. For this you need to install an application that supports online map or geo location. This additional software is provided by the Autodesk only. You can use this online map overlay in 2015 version or the later versions in AutoCAD. Simply search ‘Geolocation AutoCAD download’, and downlaod ‘Autodesk AutoCAD 2015-18 Geolocation online map’. Now I have a drawing created by WGS 84 UTM 46 North Zone okay and I have a boundary data with about 43 points and I have some control point data and these control point data has been collected by DGPS and I already know the latitude longitude and easting northing of this point and the rest of the data has been collected by using TOTAL STATION machine. Now, I will use one point for reference to Geo-Locate it. So by help of this data, how to set this online satellite overlay. For this, you have to simply go to Insert menu, and there, You’ll find set location. Click here and you have to choose ‘From Map’ geographical location from map. Okay. Then a dialog box will appear that will show a geographic location, specify location. Okay, here you can see it says entered the address or latitude or longitude to search. So, I’m going to my excel sheet, just copying the latitude longitude data. Copy, and here, I’m pasting it. And remember to provide a comma between latitude and longitude data. Okay, simply now search Here, you can simply search here, okay? Here it is you can zoom this map. If everything is okay, then you can click here, ‘Drop marker here’ after that specify the elevation here. In the second page, it will ask for the coordinate system of your existing drawing. So I will search for UTM here and here we can find that this is selected. So I have to select this because UTM-84 46 North means WGS 84 Datum UTM Zone and zone ID 46 North okay. Then here is a time-zone, as per my data. I’m from India so my timezone is +0530 and set your drawing unit and my drawing unit is in Meter. Okay? A dialog box will appear just ignore it, ignore it. Okay, then next in the next it will move to AutoCAD and it will ask for Geographic Location select a point for the location. So, what the latitude longitude I have inputed, I have to select that exact point. So I already have this point, so I’ll choose this point select just only one click. Now, it is saying that specify the North direction or angle. In my map, the North direction is in 90 degree because AutoCAD takes the calculation of angles form it’s East side okay? So the North angle will be 90 degrees so I’ll put 90 and enter! See the map is loaded now. Okay. So it’s very easy and by your map you can draw the roads okay? The buildings okay. And any topographical feature you wish or you want like here river is here, okay you can also draw the river accordingly. And here a GeoLocation tab will appear instantly, okay. So in this GeoLocation tab, you can turn off the map, okay. And again you can turn on the map also. Okay. And you can print also by capturing area, okay, so the rest is about you can use it and you will understood everything okay? So, friends here it is! Here, maybe some calibration is required for this map overlay Okay, you have to drag this GeoLocation marker as per your data, if there is a calibration or there is a mismatch in your data, then this data will not this, this new map will not overlay in your direction, see there is a some error between the map and my data. Maybe the problem is with my data or the map needs a calibration. So, to move this you can also remark the position of the point, okay to adjust the calibration of the map. If some calibration in rotation required, you can change the 90 degree to 91 degree or 89 degree so the map will rotate accordingly. Okay, for example, re-point marker, I’m clicking here, and I’m using as 91. So the map will rotate and adjust you can also input like 90.81 or 90.82 etc. So by this way, you have to calibrate the map, okay, then you can use the map data like this road, you can simply draw the road here. Okay. If you forgot to take the data of road during the Survey, you can draw from here and use in your project. And I’m just drawing the road here. If you forget to collect this road data, then it can be helpful for you and you can simply map off this and You’ll find AutoCAD drawing as it is.

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